This latest release by one of today's greatest lutenists features the music of, as Jakob Lindberg writes, ´arguably the greatest lutenists of the first half of the 16th century'...Lindberg is utterly at home in the idioms of all three. He brings a plangent sweetness to Francesco's arrangement of Arcadelt's Quanta beltā. The variations of Alberto's Pavan La Romanesca have a fragrant, insouciant quality, and even Marco's seemingly modest Ricercar 33 proves to be one of the highlights of this superb recording´

Grammophone, December 2016

"Encompassing Fantasias and Ricercars, song intabulations and dances, Lindberg's own 'suavity of sounds' creates its very own soul music, especially in the Fantasias by [Francesco) da Milano that bookend the disc and are woven throughout. There is a sense of eavesdropping on a spontaneous yet eloquently-argued soliloquy. Colouring is subtle, conversational banter deftly managed, and Lindberg's tempos always spot on allowing the music to breath (as does the exemplary recording).... A captivating conspectus of a golden age aglow with confidences and delights."

BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE , February 2017


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