Victrola VV 4-40 built 1927

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The front


The top

Victrola trademark under the top - when you lift it up.


A metal plate attached above the turntable.The McCoy´s shop from where it has originally been purchased (?) and a note about McCoy´s in "Presto" from 1920.


The metal plate located above the turntable

Notice paper

The notice paper located underneath with the date 1927-01-24

Brush and Needles

Record brush with the name of the shop (from 1927 aswell?) and needles

Victrolas own "Soundbox" - original from 1927? Other manufacturers called it "Reproducer".
The "heart" of it all..and very fragile...the sound on a phonograph is as good as your soundbox or reproducer.

Another angle of the soundbox.

Fixed with wire

The only missing piece...I think it has been a pin of some sort going down in order to stabilisize the arm.
The green stuff seems to be some sort of corrugation.I use this temporarerly solution until I can find someone who might repair it.
Also, though this beautiful VV 4-40 works perfectly, it is a good idea to let someone take a look at the spring motors...
maybe put some oil or grease into it....just for precaution.

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